Using perfumes to stimulate emotional memories and trigger recollections of feelings – therein lies the challenge for tomorrow’s business… (Olfactory Marketing and Signature Scent)


From Olfactory marketing to Signature Scent

If you are looking for a signature scent for your company, your business or even your retail outlet, we have a solution for every budget.

We work hand-in-hand with you to develop your home fragrance line

Each home fragrance line is tailored to meet your project requirements.
Whether scented candles, sprays or design rattan core diffusers, choose the solution that best meets your needs,
Under your brand name and using your design. A wide selection of standard or personalised perfumes. We have numerous fragrances available, and can develop a fragrance in keeping with your operation.

Promotional use

We can create original business gifts, for example to motivate your sales networks and build customer loyalty, the aim being to set you apart from the competition and to associate a signature scent with your business.