Put an olfactive signature to your shop, your office or your brand and strengthen its identity…

Building a Signature Scent

In order to mark your company’s identity, spread welfare in your establishments and bring your customers or prospects to be receptive, IDPERF helps you to be unique.

Several studies and researchers were able to scientifically assess the impact of odors on behavior. Odor perception are closely linked to the part of the brain that handles emotions, we do not suspect how we are guided in our buying acts or our relationships.

Target is to build an intimate relationship between you and your customer or your employees. Raising an emotional connection, subconsciously stimulate memory to build a positive relationship with your client.

The olfactive signature allows to reach immediately the behavior of an individual by the perception of a sensation, which mastered well guarantees a positive reaction beyond the reasoning or beyond the logic.

The key of a successful olfactive identity, is not inevitably to look for in the first one to activate a purchase act, but is well beyond.

You must develop a strategy, before anything else, to give a pleasant smell to places which lack them but by taking great care in the elaboration of this signature is in total coherence with the visual, sound but also tactile and gustative atmosphere of the place of distribution.