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From trade customisation and personalisation to the design of comprehensive cosmetics and perfume lines that are both innovative and fashionable, through to the most refined private label creation, we work hand-in-hand with you at every step of your project to deliver “YOUR CREATION”, a turnkey creation that is a reflection of you or your ideas.

Personal customers
Let’s create your perfume together!
With ID PERF, you can create a private label creation based on criteria that you have selected with us beforehand.
– You provide a few objective facts about the person who is to receive the perfume: gender, age, skin type, the perfumes they usually wear, their favourite smells, etc.
– You help us to get to know them better: what kind of person are they? (For instance, are they active, athletic or intellectual?) How do you expect they will use their perfume? (Will they wear it during the daytime or evening, for work, outings or sport, etc.?)
– Our master perfumers then develop a unique fragrance dedicated solely to that individual.
– And as the finishing touch, you select your bottle and how you wish to personalise it.
We have a solution to suit each budget, from traditional product “personalisation” or “customisation” using an existing base, through to the bespoke creation of your own dream scent.
Create a lasting memory of a happy event, such as a wedding, birthday or christening, etc.
We can develop perfume favours for you to give to any number of guests at your special event, or create scented candles and cosmetic products on request.

Business customers

Perfumes and cosmetics tailor-made for you and you alone

We create your perfume or cosmetic line on the basis of a marketing brief developed jointly with you.
We select an existing fragrance or develop an original one.
We use or adapt an already existing design or create a completely new one for the brand or product, including the choice of bottle and screening
Once created to reflect your corporate style, your product is ready to be distributed.